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Hi and welcome!

If you're here it's because you're an Independent Retailer looking for support, helpful information, business resources and/or camaraderie while you run your retail business, you're in the right place!

I'm Kathy Cruz, your retail business coach and guide. I created Savvy Shopkeeper to support store owners just like me.

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Available Products

One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes what you really want is one-on-one time with an expert who understands you and can help you focus on your specific needs as well as provide much needed accountability.

Am I the right coach for you?

I know it's important to find a coach who you will not only learn from but you enjoy working with. If you're looking for a coach...

  • who doesn't judge where you are on your journey
  • who is compassionate and empathetic
  • who understands what it's like to run a retail business NOW
  • who is kind and respectful yet firm
  • who understands mindset comes first
  • who can teach the financials and help YOU understand them
  • who is a whiz at systems and can you help set these up
  • who can help you GROW!

Click on the button to learn more or book a call with me.

Master Shopkeepers

Master Shopkeepers is for you if you want to take your shopkeeping to the next level. You get...

1) Access to Lessons and resources in The Lab

2) Monthly and more in-depth live masterclasses, specific to brick and mortar retail

3) Monthly Live group calls on zoom

4) Kathy's coaching + expertise

5) Access to a private Facebook group filled with high achieving Shopkeepers 

6) Territory protection 

This group is for brick & mortar retail store owners and opens by application several times a year.

This group IS territory protected which means you are the only store owner within 10 miles of your store's address. 

Click on the button to learn more and apply!

FREE: A Buyer's Guide To Attending AmericasMart in Atlanta: 5-Part Lesson

If you're a retail business owner and you want to learn more about AmericasMart I created this 5-part series to help you learn how to attend this Market event and what to expect once you get there.

Sign up for the Savvy Shopkeeper weekly newsletter and get access to this FREE 5-part Guide.

PART 1 PLAN TRIP & TRAVEL – What is AmericasMart, when is it hosted, and how to plan the travel for your trip to Atlanta.

PART 2 BUDGET & BUYING PLAN – Figure out your budget and buying schedule, learn about different buying options and terms at AmericasMart.

PART 3 PREPARE AND TRAVEL DAY – Learn what to bring, what to pack, what you should print and have ready before your trip begins.

PART 4 MARKET TIME – You’re at AmericasMart – now what?  Get tips on where to eat, what to expect, how to navigate Buildings 1, 2 and 3, and how to make the most of your buying time.

PART 5 RETURN & REVIEW – You’re back home and loaded with information, find out how to organize all of the information you collected!

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