The introductory price to the Learning Lab ends and applications to Master Shopkeepers closes on Monday 8/17 at 9pm EST!

Work Less. Profit More.

I'm so happy you're here! Independent retailers need community and support. That's exactly what you'll find here.

Searching Google for answers is helpful but can be time-consuming and doesn't always offer the solution or answers you need. I don't want you to waste any more time.  As shopkeepers, we're busy enough as it is. I want you to be the CEO of your retail business AND have time for other things you love.

Keep scrolling down to join the Academy. Choose the level of community, online education or support that works best for you.

Learn more about me and the Savvy Shopkeeper brand by clicking the button below to visit the Savvy Shopkeeper website.

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The Shopkeepers Lab

As shopkeepers, we wear so many hats! We do it all which means we have to learn it all.

Instead of spending countless hours searching Google for answers, SUBSCRIBE to The Shopkeepers Lab where you'll find lessons, videos, workbooks and more to help you become the best shopkeeper you can be AND get access to a private Facebook Group filled with like-minded shopkeepers.

This is open to RETAIL BUSINESS OWNERS only.  All types of retailers are welcome, from online boutiques, to makers with wholesale shops, brick and mortar store owners and more.

Service-based businesses, brands and all others, please visit and use the contact form to reach Kathy regarding collaborations.

Subscribe to the Learning Lab for $19/mo. or subscribe yearly and get 1 month free! 

Due to the immediate access to this this offer, all sales are final but subscribers can cancel at anytime after their initial commitment.

Master Shopkeepers Mastermind Group {GET ON THE WAITLIST}

The Learning Lab is great but you want MORE. Master Shopkeepers is a territory-protected mastermind group of retail brick and mortar store owners.

This mastermind will provide you with access to coaches, monthly masterclasses taught by Kathy Cruz and other experts, monthly group zoom calls and so much more!

Join Master Shopkeepers and you'll get access to the above in a private Facebook Group PLUS you'll also get access to the Savvy Shopkeeper Learning Lab, an online portal filled with lessons, videos, workbooks and more to help you be the best shopkeeper you can be.

Master Shopkeepers opens to new members only 3 times per year. 

This group is currently closed to new applicants for the remainder of this year and will open again in 2021.  Click the button below to join the waitlist and you'll get notified first when it opens again!

One-on-One Coaching

Subscribing to the Learning Lab or joining Master Shopkeepers will give you access to many valuable lessons and amazing private Facebook Communities but I know some shopkeepers prefer to work 1:1 with a coach.

I can help you if you're struggling with...

  • Time management, you are exhausted and working way too many hours
  • Your store's vision - you need help figuring out what's working, what's not and what direction to take your business
  • Marketing your brick and mortar store - you need help getting more foot traffic or online traffic
  • Understanding the financials - you want to start making smarter financial decisions, get out debt, and profit more
  • Start or grow your online presence - you want to create a plan for a strong online presence with an e-commerce store that integrates with your current systems 
  • How to scale - you know your business can grow but you don't how to accomplish this so you can start paying yourself

Book one-on-one coaching packages with me and you'll get answers, accountability, and a plan.

5 Things Google Doesn’t Teach You About Running a Profitable Brick & Mortar Business (Online Workshop)

In this online workshop, I'll teach you 5 of the most important pieces of information you need to know to help you run a profitable brick and mortar business.

Please join me for a 2-hour online workshop where I walk you through....

  • Eye-opening information that results in "aha" moments for retailers
  • Metrics with benchmarks so you know what to strive for and you aren't navigating your retail business blindly
  • What to do with the information once you learn it!
  • Real life examples along with financial numbers to help you comprehend the concepts
  • and more!

After the workshop, I'll open the class to a Q&A session so you can ask questions and get the answers you need to move forward.

NOTE:  Do not register if you signed up for one full year of The Shopkeepers Lab or if you're a member of Master Shopkeepers (this is a bonus class and you will receive an invitation to join).  Thanks!

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