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I understand what it's like to wear "all the hats" as a retail business owner. 

The mission of Savvy Shopkeeper is to help you manage and market your business so you can profit and save time. 

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Savvy Shopkeepers Free Facebook Group

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Do you want to join a community of fellow shop and store owners?

Do you find you have questions about your business but you aren't quite sure who to ask?

Savvy Shopkeepers was created just for you!

Savvy Shopkeepers is a free Facebook Group filled with kind, professional women, from all levels and a variety of retail businesses. We are ready to answer your questions and cheer you on! Click here to join.

Customer Avatar Workbook

1 Lessons

When you start marketing your shop, you should begin your plan by knowing who your ideal customer is.

Download the Customer Avatar workbook and take the time to think about and document detailed information about your ideal customer.


75 Social Media Posting Ideas for Shopkeepers

1 Lessons

Do you run out of ideas when posting on Facebook & Instagram?

If you post on social media just one time a day, 7 days a week, you are sharing 365 posts per year.  If you post twice a day, you are sharing 730 posts per year!

This list will help you all year long - just print it, post it somewhere and use the list to spark some creativity and posting throughout the year.

Facebook Business Page Checklist

1 Lessons

Your Facebook Business Page is free and a great resource and tool to reach your customers and potential customers.

Use this checklist to ensure you have optimized your Facebook Page!

Email Subscriber List Template

1 Lessons

You should consider your email list as GOLD. Why?  Because once your customers voluntarily provide you with their email addresses, this is data that can't be taken away from you. 

You don't own Facebook or Instagram.  So even though you have the privilege to post to your business accounts every day, nothing is guaranteed.  We've all heard the horror stories of people accumulating thousands of followers to just one day find their whole account is gone and they don't know why.

I highly encourage all shop owners to own their own data - your customer's email addresses should be at the top of the list!

Opening a Brick and Mortar Store Checklist

1 Lessons

If you're dreaming of or planning to open a brick and mortar, there are so many things to think about.

I compiled a comprehensive list of items to help you prepare!  

How to Know if You're Prepared to Pitch to Retailers {Checklist}

1 Lessons

You're a maker and you're considering selling wholesale but you don't know if you're ready or if you have everything you need to pitch to a retail store owner.

I created this checklist to help you get prepared! 

Wholesale Line Sheet Template

1 Lessons

Do I need a wholesale line sheet?

I hear this question so often from makers!

As retail store owners, my sister and I often get approached about selling handmade goods in our brick and mortar store.

Retail store owners are extremely busy so you if you're looking to sell your products in brick and mortar stores, it's ideal if you can provide a quick visual of products with wholesale pricing. 

You risk losing a wholesale order when you aren't prepared.

Sales to Salary Calculator {Savvy Shopkeeper Podcast Episode 2}

1 Lessons

The Sales to Salary calculator is a way for a shopkeeper to determine how much they'll need to make in sales in order to pay themselves a predetermined yearly salary.  

Listen to episode 2 of the Savvy Shopkeeper Podcast to learn more about this - coming soon!

The Sales to Salary Calculator is one of many calculators you'll find in 
"The Academy" which is a self-guided learning tool for shopkeepers.  The Academy is a yearly subscription and helps you market and manage your business so you can learn how to profit and manage your time.

Instagram Blueprint Worksheet for Shopkeepers

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