Shopkeeper's Business Tracking & Planning Worksheets


Set yourself up for success as a retail business!

Use the planning and tracking sheets to set goals and keep track of what’s important in your business. 

These are year and date-free so you can fill in your own dates and reuse these each year!

Here’s what’s included:

  • To-Do List – most people love a simple to-do list; use one sheet per day or one sheet for a week or longer, it’s up to you!
  • Monthly Marketing Metrics Tracker – keep track of your social media and marketing growth with this monthly tracker
  • Monthly Sales & Goals Tracker – it’s good to set sales goals, use this to track your monthly sales, set goals and see if you’re accomplishing those goals
  • Profit First Quarterly Review – if you’re a Profit First user, this report is set up to remind you to look at your percentages and what you’re saving in your Profit account each quarter
  • A Simple Goals Checklist – instead of a general to-do list, get focused on your big goals for the next months
  • An Order Form for custom orders – if you accept custom orders for merchandise, you’ll appreciate this to keep you organized
  • A Daily Shop Report – if you’re a brick and mortar store owner, use this report to keep track of daily store information including sales, weather and more
  • A Business Health Checklist – this is the MOST valuable worksheet in this package!  Take some time to sit down and evaluate how healthy your business is – need to set some business goals?  use the Goal Setting Worksheets to accomplish this
  • Goal Setting Worksheet – use this hand-in-hand with the Business Health Checklist and get detailed about the goals you want to accomplish to get your business as healthy as possible!
  • 2020 Year-at-a-Glance Retail Dates - Use this one-page sheet to help you plan out your holiday and marketing events for 2020.  It's a year-at-a-glance view of all major holidays and some other important retails dates for 2020.

Purchase today and you can immediately download them!  PLUS you get LIFETIME access to any updates or worksheets added here in the future.  I'll send an email to notify you of any additions or changes to the Planning Worksheets!

NOTE:  If you are a member of Blooming or Master Shopkeepers, you have access to these in the Learning Lab! 

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Tracking & Planner Worksheets

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Your Shopkeeper's planning worksheets are here! 

I recommend getting a 3 ring binder to keep your worksheets organized througout the year.  You can determine, based on your needs, which worksheets you will use - you may not use all of them.

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