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Level 1: Free Group & Resources

Get access to a free Facebook Group and resources you can download.

I understand what it's like to wear "all the hats" as a retail business owner. 

The mission of Savvy Shopkeeper is to help you manage and market your business so you can profit and save time. 

Start here by signing up for the Savvy Shopkeeper newsletter, join the free Savvy Shopkeepers Facebook group and get access to my free resources!

Want a sneak peek at what's in this library?  Take a peek at what's listed.  You'll get access to the resources when you sign up. 

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Level 2: Savvy Shopkeepers 2.0

Get access to Level 1 PLUS a private Facebook Group AND a full library of video lessons and more.  Open to all types of shopkeepers.

This is your one-stop-shop for learning how to market and manage your independently owned retail business. 

Whether you own a brick & mortar store, an online boutique or you're an artist with an e-commerce shop - you'll get access to video workshops, classes, workbooks, and lessons ranging from Social Media marketing to Financial Management and more.

A one-year subscription will give you the ability to digest the classes and information at your own pace for the next 12 months AND give you access to the private Savvy Shopkeepers 2.0 Facebook Group where I can support you and answer questions directly.  

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Level 3: Master Shopkeepers {WAITLIST}

Get access to Level 1 AND 2 PLUS an online Facebook Group Mastermind.  Open to brick and mortar store owners.

Are you a brick and mortar retail store owner who wears “all the hats”?  Do you feel overwhelmed with all the information you’re finding online and not sure where to focus?  Do you feel lonely as a business owner and would love to connect with an authentic group of fellow-store owners?  Are you looking for one-on-one conversations, and to learn from experts and experienced store owners?

Master Shopkeepers was designed just for you.

Master Shopkeepers opens to new members only 3 times per year and is currently CLOSED.  Click the button below to join a waitlist and get notified when it opens again!

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One-on-One Coaching & Consulting

Work one-on-one with me.

You're juggling many balls and need a plan or someone to help guide you with something specific in your retail business.

I offer one-on-one coaching and consulting calls to help answer your questions, create a plan of action, and hold you accountable.  

I've worked with clients on topics ranging from how to market their shops, how to set up systems and processes for their business so they can save time during the week, how to shift direction and create a shop their customers will love and more.

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Shopkeeper's Business Tracking & Planning Worksheets

Set yourself up for success as a retail business!

Use the planning and tracking sheets to set goals and keep track of what’s important in your business. 

These are year and date-free so you can fill in your own dates and reuse these each year!

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