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USPS Shipping Guide for Independent Retailers {Digital Book}

As more and more customers turn to online shopping, it’s an excellent idea to offer a shipping option, even if you have a physical storefront.

The more ways to shop you can offer to your customers, the better! This guide will help you set up your shipping process from start to finish using the United States Postal Service (USPS).

It takes a little bit of work and a small initial investment to get started, but once you get your shipping station set up, you’ll be able to fulfill orders from across the country easily! You will not need to buy everything listed in this guide—I offer several options for using what you have or recycling items so you can save money.

In the Guide, I provide links to resources, products, software programs and more.

Grab this 8-page Guide that includes a checklist to track your progress!

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The Savvy Shopkeeper's Guide to Shipping for Independent Retailers (E-Book)

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