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Coronavirus Pandemic Resources for Shopkeepers

Coronavirus Pandemic Resources for Shopkeepers

The Coronavirus pandemic has many independent retail business owners facing many unknowns.

With challenging times ahead, it is important that we stay positive, informed and support each other.

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Video: How to Prepare for and Handle Challenging Times in Business

A Guide for Independent Retailers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a PDF version of the Facebook Live presentation I taught in the Savvy Shopkeepers Facebook Group.  

Breakeven Analysis Spreadsheet for Shopkeepers (Provided by WE Profit Foundry)

Use this complimentary spreadsheet to determine what you need to make each month for the next 4 months to break even in your retail business during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This spreadsheet was generously provided by Sarah Nemecek, WE Profit Foundry 

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