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MEMBERSHIP OPTION 2: Master Shopkeepers Mastermind Group {Waitlist}

MEMBERSHIP OPTION 2: Master Shopkeepers Mastermind Group {Waitlist}

Are you a Brick & Mortar Store Owner looking for more support?

1) You're looking for a close group of like-minded B&M store owners who are determined to be the best business owners they can be

2) You appreciate learning but you want to learn and connect more in a small group setting with monthly video group calls, masterclasses, and coaching

3) Now only are you willing to invest in improving your business and connecting with other like-minded shopkeepers, you crave it!


Luckily, your search is over. 🥳
Introducing…Master Shopkeepers 🎉

The Master Shopkeepers Mastermind is the only territory-protected mastermind exclusively focused on retail shop owners. It’s where brick-and-mortar shopkeepers can dive deep into expert-led workshops, connect with other shop owners, and access exclusive learning materials designed just for them.


Classes covering the nitty-gritty questions that both new and seasoned shopkeepers have. These no-fluff, deep-dive classes are led by Kathy or occasional guest expert coaches and consultants.

The Masterclass Vault

40+ recorded classes have been added to the Masterclass Vault, where you can access them any time. Available to you as long as you are a member. 

Monthly Coaching & Connection Calls

Calls on Zoom for all members to connect, recharge, and learn together, led by Kathy.

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Where members can connect with and learn from other shopkeepers from around the US and the globe. It’s the perfect place to ask questions, seek advice, and vent about the customer who says “Cute store! Are you new?” after 5 years in business.

Territory Protection for Shopkeepers

Covering a 10-mile radius from your store. You are the only shopkeeper in your radius unless you say otherwise. You have a safe space to ask questions and seek advice.

The Shopkeeper's Lab

All Master Shopkeepers get access to the Shopkeeper's Lab too.  The Lab is an additional Facebook Group and a vault of information right here in the Shopkeeper's Academy, organized by modules, you'll have access to social media video lessons, a slew of Human Resources products, downloadable pdf documents and more!


Here's what Community Members have to say.

"I've only been in the group for a month or so, but can already say that the community of having women doing the same thing I'm doing, and going through the same things I'm going through, is HUGE!"

"Joining this group is one of the best decisions I’ve made lately. Having someone to vent to and relate to is worth its weight in gold!”

“I happened upon Savvy Shopkeeper by chance, and from day one, Kathy has answered questions I didn’t even know I had. 
I’ve been to business school, but they don’t necessarily give you the reality. "

“I am definitely learning new things all the time from this group. I love the give and take from all involved and Kathy’s leadership is second to none!"

"I am getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to do some of the things I never thought about accomplishing."

“I found the Best. Shop. Sister. Ever! here in this group. 🥰

"I feel more connected to my community/audience than ever before. And this has given me the motivation I’ve needed to get my branding, marketing, email and e-commerce platforms to exactly where they should be.”

I’ve gained confidence in growing my business in ways I never imagined! I have A LOT of classes and videos I have to watch, and podcasts to listen to...but I am grateful that they are available anytime I need them! 

Wait, so who put this all together?

Hi, I’m Kathy Cruz!

I’m a shopkeeper, just like you. After starting The Salvaged Boutique with my sister, I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn about running a retail store.

Google search after Google search helped me realize that there just weren’t enough resources out there for brick-and-mortar shopkeepers. I kept finding myself in groups for online entrepreneurs, reading stuffy articles meant for corporations, and spending hours learning through trial and error.

So I started Savvy Shopkeeper with the idea that all shopkeepers should have access to resources tailor-made for their business. 

It’s my mission to help you Work Less, Profit More. 

This is a yearly membership with the option to pay $110/mo or save 25% with a yearly payment.


PLEASE NOTE:  Master Shopkeepers is a yearly recurring membership.  You can cancel anytime prior to your renewal by completing the cancellation form located here in the Shopkeeper's Academy once you login.

P.S. 5% of group membership revenue is contributed to the Savvy Support Fund

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